Month: April 2017

New Release: Hello My Name Is


Hello My Name Is _____. At the end of this sentence, we usually put our names. So,
mine would read, “Hello My Name Is Amanda.” But, what if we filled in the blank
with a word we think best defines us? Or the word(s) society says defines us?

On April 18th, Matthew West’s book, Hello My Name Is, hit stores everywhere. It answers these questions by exploring the many “name tags” we receive in life. These name tags include: “geek, fearful, shy, anxious” etc. They are all words we claim define us. Throughout Hello My Name Is, West uncovers why these “name tags” mean nothing compared to this one: “Hello, my name is… Child of the One True King.” These words, first used in Matthew West’s song, “Hello My Name Is,” were inspired by the real life story of Jordan, a man who defined himself by his drug addiction. While in recovery, Jordan found God and began introducing himself saying, “Hello my name is, child of the one true King.”

But, what does it mean to be a child of God? Throughout Hello My Name Is, West uncovers this using stories like Jordan’s, alongside scripture. Each story begins with a “name tag” and ends with scripture’s response. If your name tag says “fearful,” God says, “Do not be afraid.” If your name tag says, “worried,” God says, “Do not be anxious.” These are not always easy truths to believe—the way others choose to define us can easily mess with our brains. They hurt us. Yet, God speaks into these false “name tags,” tearing them down to reveal who we are in Him. Matthew West writes this as one who is still discovering these truths and wants others to experience them too.

For this reason, the book is split into three sections:

 1. What Your Nametag Is

2. The Biggest Lies (you tend to believe about yourself)

3. The Future You (How you should live in light of your identity as a Child of the One True King)

West does not simply tell these stories and scripture truths—he calls the reader to act. Through questions following each chapter, West challenges the reader to examine his heart. In light of the words and stories, what will you do in your own life? Where do your own doubts lie?

These questions, along with the stories, are what kept me reading Hello My Name Is. West’s words reminded me I am not alone in the various “name tags” I carry around. It’s about what I do with my “name tags” that matter. New York Times Best-Selling author Lysa Terkeurst puts it best: “Hello My Name Is will silence the lies of the enemy so you can hear God whisper, ‘You are mine. You are wanted. You are so incredibly loved.’” It is something we all need to hear, and West provides us the stories and scripture to discover the truth for ourselves.

Don’t wait to begin your own journey. Order or pick up your copy of Hello My Name Is today at, on Amazon, or wherever books are sold.