Over the past several weeks, Mandisa has released 3 singles in anticipation of her new album, Out of the Dark. The three songs, “Unfinished,” “Prove Me Wrong” and “I’m Still Here” provide fans with a sneak peek into the album and its overarching story of hope.

Out of the Dark, which is set to release May 19th, comes after Mandisa’s battle with depression. This struggle and its residual emotions are reflected in each of the singles, and will most likely be a constant theme throughout the album.  Each song is a puzzle piece in Mandisa’s story and physical journey out of the darkness of depression. Her first 3 singles, “Unfinished,” Prove Me Wrong,” and “I’m Still Here” represent various stages in the journey. “Prove Me Wrong” is a challenge aimed at God in the midst of sadness and anger, while “Unfinished” and “I’m Still Here” are anthems from the outside looking in.

“Prove Me Wrong”

Written in memory of Mandisa’s friend, Lakisha Mitchell, “Prove Me Wrong” comes from a place of brokenness and confusion. Throughout the song, Mandisa vocalizes the pain experienced by those who have lost loved ones to illness.

It echoes this question: Why?

Of course, if you have lost a loved one, or know someone who has, you know this question can’t be answered. In Mandisa’s case, “Prove Me Wrong” represents a time of darkness—a time when she is “trying to hold onto [her] faith / But it’s slipping through [her] hands.” It is this loss of faith and struggle she wishes to expose. She lets her listeners know it is okay to struggle. It’s normal to feel the need to plead with God to “prove He’s with you” in times you feel your world is caving in.


This song was the first of the trio to be released. The song speaks directly of Mandisa’s downward spiral into depression. She references her previous work, Overcomer, singing: “Not scared to say it / I used to be the one / Preaching it to you / That you could overcome / I still believe it / But it ain’t easy.” In referencing Overcomer, Mandisa admits her struggle with doubt.  She believes you can overcome, yet confesses life does not always work out. “Unfinished” says, despite the bumps in the road, “[God] started something good and He’s gonna complete it… / [You’re] just unfinished.” It is reminder to keep pressing on through the hard times—even when you can’t see the light.

“I’m Still Here”

In my opinion, this song is the victory cry of the three songs. The title alone, “I’m Still Here” declares triumph.  Mandisa proclaims this triumph through her lyrics: “I’m still here / All my broken, turning beautiful / ‘Cause I feel my heartbeat beating / And my lungs breathe breathing / Guess my God’s not done with me yet.” These lyrics, paired with the song’s upbeat tempo provide the listener with a feeling of joy—a joy previously tainted by uncertainty.

“I’m Still Here” is Mandisa’s declaration of a comeback. After surviving her battle with depression, Mandisa realizes “There’s a story still to write, [and God’s] grace is working everything / Everything for [her] good.”

It is a song about emerging from the other side of struggles stronger than before, and placing your trust in God’s plans.

Each of these singles holds a piece of Mandisa’s journey. However, to learn the whole journey, you will need to wait till Out of the Dark, is released on May 19th. Till then, the
singles are available to stream or purchase on YouTube, Spotify, and iTunes.

How about you? Are you excited about Mandisa’s album, Out of the Dark?


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