Consumed By Fire: Giving Over


Consumed By Fire is a Southern pop/rock band from Wagoner, Oklahoma. It is comprised of three brothers, Caleb, Josh, and Jordan Ward. On March 26, 2016, they released their debut album, Giving Over. 

Although it’s been a year since their debut album, I’m just now discovering Consumed By Fire. Since I’m always looking for new music, I decided to check them out when I saw their name in my Twitter feed.

Consumed By Fire’s debut album, Giving Over, emanates a breathy and open quality. It’s as if you are hearing the band in an outdoor setting—open bandshell, summer festival. This raw and natural quality of Giving Over provides the listener with a lens into the struggles and praises a lived life. Each song serves as calls to God, asking Him to teach us to grow in His ways, to remind us of His promises when we can’t see, and to help us in our times of struggle.

“He Waits For Me” depicts God’s constant presence. God is waiting for each of us to come and rest in Him. The lyrics proclaim:

“So if you’re rollin’ the dice / and just tryin to make it through / there are hands that are reaching out for you / and if you’re holding back tears / and just trying to be strong / there’s a place that is calling out for you / this is the place that I’m always running to / … down by the water / He waits for me”

 “Learning to Love” tells of the power of love. The lyrics declare the impact of love in life, saying:

“If you can take then you can give / Learn how to love and you learn how to live / It’s never a waste of time or money to put your heart on the / Line for somebody / Learning to love / I’m still learning to love”

“He Waits For Me” and “Learning to Love” are only two out of Giving Over’s eleven song tracklist. And these songs only begin to address the many emotions experienced throughout life. In fact, Consumed By Fire’s recent single, “I Need You God” continues this pattern—it expresses our need for God in every aspect of our lives.

You can stream or purchase Consumed By Fire’s music on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes.

So how about you? What’s your favorite song from Consumed By Fire?


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