Music Video Release: “O God Forgive Us” for King & Country feat. KB

Have you seen for King & County‘s new lyric/music video for “O God Forgive Us” feat. KB

On May 24th, for King & Country released the lyric music video for their single,  “O God Forgive Us” featuring KB.  As Joel and Luke 
The music video features Luke’s sons, Phoenix and Jude,  posing as Luke and Joel’s “younger” selves. While KB’s son, KB Jr., portrays his younger self.

 “O God Forgive Us” is a call for us to forgive our past mistakes, as Christ has forgiven us. And as Joel and Luke begin to sing, you hear the raw emotion behind the lyrics. The emotion only heightens during KB’s rap. 

If I’m honest, I loved the song “O God Forgive Us” from its first release on Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong. But the newly released single featuring KB, and now the video, makes me love it even more. 

When first seeing it, I was caught off guard by how greatly these few lines impacted me: 

“A slave to our uncertainty 

Help us with our unbelief 

Oh, oh God forgive us” 

 These lines told my story. I am easily anxious. About Everything. Yet, when hearing these lyrics it was as if God were speaking to my heart. He was saying: 

“TRUST ME. I know you, and the plans I have for you. They are good. Rest in it. I FORGIVE YOU.”

 It was in that moment my heart was at peace. I need to remember God is a forgiving God, and to ask Him for forgiveness, while forgiving myself for past mistakes. 

How about you? What do you get from the video? 

Share your thoughts  in the comments! 


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