Artist and fan? More like friends and family.

The Artist-Fan relationship. It is an entity developed through social media posts, concert interactions, and live feeds. It’s the ways artists reach out to us, their audience. They give us a peak into their life and initiate conversation.

I completed my senior project on the ways in which artists from differing genres promote themselves to us. As I did my research, I noticed something. Each genre has a different approach– from country to pop to rock. And Christian Music is no different. If you look at your favorite artist’s Instagram, Facebook, or any other social platform, he/she invites you into the daily happenings of his/her life.

I’ll give you a perfect example: Luke Smallbone of for King & Country recently shared the news that his wife, Courtney, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Leo Oliver Smallbone.


Similarly, TobyMac frequently uses Facebook to encourage fans to share their prayer requests. He encourages community.


These artists don’t just want to promote their music or tours– they want to show you who they are on a daily basis. Each acknowledges life’s ups and downs. But, TobyMac and for King & Country are not the only ones who share their life with their audience. Multiple others (i.e. Mandisa, Tenth Avenue North, Colton Dixon, Jamie Grace, Lauren Daigle) share their life with us in their own unique way.

In fact, I’m convinced I would feel comfortable talking with some of my favorite artists if given the chance. I know this because they share special family moments, big announcements, behind-the-scenes snapshots– all through social media. By sharing these moments, they create a close community. We end up supporting each other, despite the distance. We are no longer separated by the artist and fan distinction. We become friends and family.

“Therefore, welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the Glory of God” 

Romans 15:7 




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