New Year. Farewell Fear.


Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 brings chances for new beginnings, new opportunities, and time with family and friends. When looking towards 2018, I’ve decided to take on a new perspective—to be fearless.

Fear paralyzes us. Faith in Jesus frees us.

Finding Favour’s Farewell Fear, released August 2017, reflects this outlook by telling of overcoming fear with faith. And through its ten-track lineup, the album quite literally does just that. Farewell Fear brings listeners face-to-face with the fear that paralyzes, only to lead us to the other side in triumphant song. This story-line effect is driven by track placement, along with the songs’ lyrics and melodies. The tracks that highlight this story-line include, “Farewell Fear/Farewell Fear (Reprise)” “Get Down,” “What We Have Is Now,” “Dance” and “It Is Well.”

“Farewell Fear” introduces the album’s war cry—Goodbye, fear!” A droning synth, which gradually increases in volume, signals something is about to go down. It taunts fear. The lyrics declare, “[struggle] I’ve got my armor and got my shield / Bring your weapons and throw your spears / God is with me, farewell fear.” Here we are told exactly why we can say, “Goodbye, Fear!” Because God is with us. And it is this revelation that allows listeners to continue on their journey to overcome fear.

“Get Down” floods the listener with all the emotions and thoughts one feel in the grip of defeat and fear. It begins, “Looks like the end of the line / too late, you’ve run out of time / your tank is empty and you’re far from home…. / the fight you’re facing is impossible.” These thoughts are then reinforced by the song’s upbeat pace, consistent beat, and lyrics. Despite this, there is reassurance in the chorus. Though you may be overwhelmed, there is always one place you can go—God. And that’s exactly what the chorus cries: “Get down when you got no answers / Get down when there is no way…. / Get down when the good times stay / Get down ‘cause He wants to hear you / Get down on your knees and pray.”

In contrast, “What We Have Is Now” breathes life into the darkness. Suddenly, the mood shifts— the harsh electric guitar and consistent drum beat of “Get Down” are replaced by a breathy, swelling synth and strings. The verse echoes this change, proclaiming, “Where did it go? When did we all forget? / Time ticks away and we can never get it back again / Before this moment is a memory, I just wanna take it all in.” The style is reflective; you can almost hear the vocalist sigh in wonder. He expresses a realization—no matter your fears, you need to “breathe the moment in” and “make [everyday] count.” You need to savor every moment. You can’t allow fear to stop you from experiencing life.

“Dance” furthers this message, declaring, “Dance / When you’re feeling hopeless / There’s a plan in motion / Keep moving to the rhythm, moving to the rhythm.” It is here that Farewell Fear reaches its climax, breaking down the walls of fear with an upbeat twist. Unlike previous tracks, “Dance” makes you want to do just that—dance. As the drum beat and bass come into earshot, the vocalist exclaims: DANCE! No matter the circumstance, no matter the emotion, “dance [because] God has never / left his treasure,” and He is with you.

This triumphant turn Farewell Fear takes continues with the final tracks, “It Is Well” and “Farewell Fear (Reprise).”  Both exclaim an important truth— you no longer need to carry your sin and shame. It is nailed to the cross; you are forever God’s child. Therefore, IT IS WELL, despite all the highs and lows of life. And because of that truth, “Farewell Fear (Reprise)” can bring the album full circle, exclaiming (once again), “See ya shame and see ya sin / Jesus died and He Rose again.” And it is here your journey to fearless living begins.

Through each song on Farewell Fear, Finding Favour challenges the listener to look at his/her life. Are you allowing fear to overcome and overtake you? Are you allowing God to fight for you in any and every situation? Because God wants to hear your struggles, and He wants you to draw near to Him.

Finding Favour’s Farewell Fear is an album that causes reflection. It takes its listener on a journey. Consequently, in a culture of singles and radio hits, Farewell Fear is one album that deserves to be enjoyed in full.

Take the time to listen, you won’t be disappointed:

And check out more of Finding Favour on their website:


“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

{2 Timothy 1:7} 


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