New Releases: Dan Bremnes’ “Up Again” & “Going Together”


After almost 3 years, on Friday February 2nd, Dan Bremnes released two new singles: “Up Again” and “Going Together.” Through each track, Bremnes gives his listeners insight into his life, and his experiences.


“Up Again” is a song of reminiscence. Bremnes thinks on a loved one’s advice, singing:

“Had a couple wins but I got knocked down

But I know if you were still around, you would say

Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win

you gotta get up, up again”

It is a feeling we have all experienced—that moment we feel as if we have made too many mistakes, too many “wrong turns” to make any difference. But then, there’s a voice. The voice of a loved one that says, “Don’t stay down. Get up. Keep holding on.”

“Up Again” is a reminder that we all have the ability to get up and try again. We only have one life, and “one heart, so [we should] get out there and live.”

However, this advice also applies to God’s calling on our lives. At one point or another, we all fall and realize nothing is as we would dream it. We’re not where we imagined we would be. But, if we let Him, God can use those mistakes to have us “end up where [we’re] supposed to be.” We simply must allow Him to guide our steps, and get up when we fall down.

Similarly, Bremnes’ next single, “Go Together” depicts the love story between him and his wife, Brittney Bremnes. It’s one of the sweetest songs, and Bremnes shares their story perfectly. Each verse illustrates a milestone in their relationship, from their first meeting:

“I remember when it hit me

You were 19, bright eyes, big dreams…

I knew this could be the start of something…

the making of our story”

– to their future:

“I can see us when we’re older

And moving a little slower

 with a life full of memories”

It is song that captivates it listeners. It is as if they are onlookers, as the memories flash by in picture format. In fact, before “Going Together” was a single, Bremnes released the lyric video for the song, featuring pictures and captions in Instagram format. It is here you witness memories of Dan and Brittney’s life together. All to say,

“Baby, I don’t know where we’re going

But we’re going together”

Both “Up Again” and “Going Together” are very personal tracks, and if they are any indication, his next album will be awesome. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

You can check out both singles wherever music is available. Stream it, download it, purchase it, jam out to it:

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To learn more about Dan Bremnes and listen to more music, visit his website:

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