Social Club Misfits: “WAR CRY”

On Friday, February 9th, Social Club Misfits released their newest album, Into the Night.

I’ll be honest; I haven’t been listening to Social Club Misfits for very long. You could say I’m a new fan.

So, I haven’t heard all Social Club Misfits’ music. But, I was immediately hooked when I heard “WAR CRY” ft. Tauren Wells.

It tells of the saving power of the Gospel. It exclaims this amazing truth—we are immensely loved by God and as Christians, he wants us to share that truth with the world.

“I thought by now I would get it / His love for me is unmeasured /  Still feel I could do better / Was paralyzed by depression / But heaven and earth came together / And you came to my rescue”

If you are a follower of Christ, you have seen how He has helped you overcome and provided for you. It is because of this that you are to tell others of how God has been good to you. Tell of the love He has for everyone.

Through your actions. Through your conversations.

In your work environments. In all you do. 

The follower’s WAR CRY  is sharing God’s love with everyone you meet.  The WAR CRY is the truth that God extends love and grace to everyone– you must simply accept His gift.

‘The grace He gave us, amazing / A love that could conquer the hatred / But it’s up to us / A  new generation to show His love / From the ends of the earth to the day he comes”

Social Club Misfits’ “War Cry” ft. Tauren Wells reminded me I need to rise up and speak of God’s goodness whenever and wherever. He has given me gifts, not for my own gain, but so that He may be glorified through them.

It’s safe to say “War Cry” is my favorite song off Into the Night right now. But, I’ll definitely be jamming to the whole album for a while. It has some awesome tracks… and equally awesome collaborations.

You can listen and stream Social Club Misfits’ Into the Night here:  Spotify

You can also check out Social Club Misfits on Instagram 

…. What’s your favorite song off Into the Night?

…. Do you have another favorite album / song from Social Club Misfits? Let me know! 






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