Solo Project Release: Ledger EP

On April 13th, Jen Ledger of Skillet released her first solo project, Ledger. It combines the rock flavor of Skillet, with a solo twist. Think Skillet’s 2017 release, Unleashed.

The 6 track EP is one of empowerment. It calls the listener to step out in faith. Stand up for what you believe.

Two tracks that immediately draw this out are “Warrior (feat. John Cooper)” and “Bold.”

In “Warrior,” Ledger sings,

“This is the sound of the enemy’s gate / This is the sound of me not retreating / I know what you are, and I won’t let you fool me”

These words exclaim the idea that Ledger will not give up without a fight. The enemy may try to fight and defeat her, but she will keep going. Nothing will stop her. And you can be a warrior too. Be strong. The trial will pass.

Similarly, “Bold” explores the lies that we tend to believe without hesitation. And the truth that shatters them.

The lyrics proclaim,

“All this time / I have believed the lie / That I wasn’t made to fly / My wings are bound, stuck to the ground / But I hear truth remind me / you are right behind me.”

It is here listeners realizes they are more than the struggles and lies surrounding them. It’s what they do with the trials that will define them.

Will you let them stop you?

Or let them push you forward towards a better future?

You’re the only one that can decide.

Give Ledger EP a listen on Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, iTunes, or Amazon:

Visit her site and give her a follow too!

Website: Ledger Band

@JenLedger   (Twitter, Instagram)

@Ledgerbandofficial (Facebook)



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