Do you enjoy discovering new music? How about finding out the latest news and reviews on your favorite artists?

My name is Amanda, and over the past year, I have begun to share my musical discoveries with friends and family. Through album reviews, concert experiences, and song or artist suggestions, I have encouraged them to listen to some of my favorites. I even introduced my friends to artists they never knew existed…artists they now love.

I have always been amazed by the power of music, and how many of my favorite artists have slipped under the radar. One of my favorites, for King & Country, spreads the message of your WORTH in their song, “Priceless.” The lyrics proclaim, “No matter what you’ve heard/This is what you’re worth/More than all the money or the diamonds and pearls.” As soon as I heard “Priceless,” I began to look at myself differently. Then, I thought, how many more people could it affect if I shared it? Christian Music Rundown was created for this exact reason. I want to expose people to some of the artists I love—artists I believe are worth checking out. Music is powerful; it speaks into the lives of its listeners. I have experienced this power; and now, I want to share it with you.

Christian Music Rundown focuses in on the Christian music scene—from pop/rock to rap to Contemporary Christian. Artists include: Colton Dixon, Matthew West, Hollyn, Tenth Avenue North, for King & Country, Unspoken and more. Here you will find information about the artists and their upcoming projects. These projects are not limited to music—some artists are also authors as well as actors. Truthfully, you never know what’s on the horizon for an artist.  You will get personal insight as I attend concerts, read their books, and reflect on my experiences. You might even get a snippet of it… so be on the lookout!

My hope is that Christian Music Rundown introduces you to some new favorites, as you gain insight into the artists you already love.


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