Songs of the Week: Tenth Avenue North

Hey guys! So in honor of Tenth Avenue North and MercyMe gracing the Garden State with a concert next weekend, I decided to make a list of my favorite Tenth Avenue North songs. And it's only makes sense that there would be TEN of them. These songs have inspired me, encouraged me, and ultimately made... Continue Reading →


Dose of Encouragement

Music is powerful. It comforts. It uplifts our spirits. It helps us worship. Here are just several songs that spoke encouragement and truth into my life this past week. I hope they can do the same for you.  1. You're Gonna Be Ok - Brian & Jenn Johnson    "Just follow the light in the... Continue Reading →

Social Club Misfits: “WAR CRY” On Friday, February 9th, Social Club Misfits released their newest album, Into the Night. I’ll be honest; I haven’t been listening to Social Club Misfits for very long. You could say I’m a new fan. So, I haven’t heard all Social Club Misfits' music. But, I was immediately hooked when I heard “WAR CRY”... Continue Reading →


New Releases: Dan Bremnes’ “Up Again” & “Going Together”

After almost 3 years, on Friday February 2nd, Dan Bremnes released two new singles: “Up Again” and “Going Together.” Through each track, Bremnes gives his listeners insight into his life, and his experiences. “Up Again” is a song of reminiscence. Bremnes thinks on a loved one’s advice, singing: “Had a couple wins but I got... Continue Reading →


New Year. Farewell Fear.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2018 brings chances for new beginnings, new opportunities, and time with family and friends. When looking towards 2018, I’ve decided to take on a new perspective—to be fearless. Fear paralyzes us. Faith in Jesus frees us. Finding Favour’s Farewell Fear, released August 2017, reflects this outlook by telling of... Continue Reading →


Our Favorite Hymns & Songs, Transformed

Have you ever noticed how many different versions of one hymn or song exist? Take " Good Good Father," for example.  Originally written by Pat Barrett and Tony Brown, the song has been covered by multiple artists. 1. Chris Tomlin (ft. Pat Barrett) This version of "Good Good Father" gets the credit for being... Continue Reading →


Artist and fan? More like friends and family.

The Artist-Fan relationship. It is an entity developed through social media posts, concert interactions, and live feeds. It's the ways artists reach out to us, their audience. They give us a peak into their life and initiate conversation. I completed my senior project on the ways in which artists from differing genres promote themselves to... Continue Reading →


Now Playing: Summer Jams

Summer 2017 is officially here! And in honor of the season, I put together a Spotify playlist for the bright sunshine and warmer weather. These are songs that have lifted my spirits, encouraged me, and make me want to dance. Some of these songs also represent a time of transition. When you're young, summer is the... Continue Reading →


Music Video Release: “O God Forgive Us” for King & Country feat. KB

Have you seen for King & County's new lyric/music video for "O God Forgive Us" feat. KB?  On May 24th, for King & Country released the lyric music video for their single,  "O God Forgive Us" featuring KB.  As Joel and Luke  The music video features Luke's sons, Phoenix and Jude,  posing as Luke and... Continue Reading →


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