Solo Project Release: Ledger EP

On April 13th, Jen Ledger of Skillet released her first solo project, Ledger. It combines the rock flavor of Skillet, with a solo twist. Think Skillet's 2017 release, Unleashed. The 6 track EP is one of empowerment. It calls the listener to step out in faith. Stand up for what you believe. Two tracks that... Continue Reading →


Social Club Misfits: “WAR CRY” On Friday, February 9th, Social Club Misfits released their newest album, Into the Night. I’ll be honest; I haven’t been listening to Social Club Misfits for very long. You could say I’m a new fan. So, I haven’t heard all Social Club Misfits' music. But, I was immediately hooked when I heard “WAR CRY”... Continue Reading →

Over the past several weeks, Mandisa has released 3 singles in anticipation of her new album, Out of the Dark. The three songs, “Unfinished,” “Prove Me Wrong” and “I’m Still Here” provide fans with a sneak peek into the album and its overarching story of hope. Out of the Dark, which is set to release... Continue Reading →

New Release: Hello My Name Is

Hello My Name Is _____. At the end of this sentence, we usually put our names. So, mine would read, “Hello My Name Is Amanda.” But, what if we filled in the blank with a word we think best defines us? Or the word(s) society says defines us? On April 18th, Matthew West’s book, Hello... Continue Reading →

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