Social Club Misfits: “WAR CRY” On Friday, February 9th, Social Club Misfits released their newest album, Into the Night. I’ll be honest; I haven’t been listening to Social Club Misfits for very long. You could say I’m a new fan. So, I haven’t heard all Social Club Misfits' music. But, I was immediately hooked when I heard “WAR CRY”... Continue Reading →


New Releases: Dan Bremnes’ “Up Again” & “Going Together”

After almost 3 years, on Friday February 2nd, Dan Bremnes released two new singles: “Up Again” and “Going Together.” Through each track, Bremnes gives his listeners insight into his life, and his experiences. “Up Again” is a song of reminiscence. Bremnes thinks on a loved one’s advice, singing: “Had a couple wins but I got... Continue Reading →

Music Video Release: “O God Forgive Us” for King & Country feat. KB

Have you seen for King & County's new lyric/music video for "O God Forgive Us" feat. KB?  On May 24th, for King & Country released the lyric music video for their single,  "O God Forgive Us" featuring KB.  As Joel and Luke  The music video features Luke's sons, Phoenix and Jude,  posing as Luke and... Continue Reading →


Over the past several weeks, Mandisa has released 3 singles in anticipation of her new album, Out of the Dark. The three songs, “Unfinished,” “Prove Me Wrong” and “I’m Still Here” provide fans with a sneak peek into the album and its overarching story of hope. Out of the Dark, which is set to release... Continue Reading →


New Release: Hello My Name Is

Hello My Name Is _____. At the end of this sentence, we usually put our names. So, mine would read, “Hello My Name Is Amanda.” But, what if we filled in the blank with a word we think best defines us? Or the word(s) society says defines us? On April 18th, Matthew West’s book, Hello... Continue Reading →


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